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Custom-made furnishings for loft conversions in Monza and Brianza, Milan, Bergamo and Lecco

In Lissone, Artigiano Piazza Valentino designs and manufactures custom-made furnishings for loft conversions that satisfy the need of each customer. Thanks to the brand’s professionalism, we satisfy the requests of a large and diverse clientele and that is why we are considered a leading company in the provinces of Monza, Milan, Lecco and Bergamo.

All our furnishings are manufactured using high-quality materials, precious wood essences worked by the experienced hands of our craftsmen: solutions that are perfect to furnish your loft conversion with taste, class and elegance.

Thanks to our custom-made furniture for loft conversions, you can fully live every area of the attic, including those that are apparently not functional. No standard solution can apply: that is why our customized furnishings you will transform this are of the house into an extra room, an office or a walk-in closet if equipped with wardrobes, or a functional storage room for old clothing, toys and books.

Over the years we have manufactured many furnishings for loft conversions, always satisfying the requirements of our customers and creating livable and functional spaces. By taking into account not only the size but also the peculiar shape of the roof, the position of skylights and angles, our custom-made solutions are always flawless.

The main furnishings we manufacture for loft conversions include:

  • Closets/wardrobes
  • Shelves
  • Bookcases
  • Desks
  • Tables

However, our solutions can also include small kitchens and bathroom furniture that can be placed in this area of the house.

Classic and modern solutions made in various wood essences or customized in color will transform every attic into a daily usable environment.

Come visit us at our headquarters in Lissone and find our which furnishing solutions are best suitable for your loft conversion.


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